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Digital Showcase

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 Amber Adamski | Life is a Masquerade: The Face Masks of Cabaret

The Lewis & Clark theatre department undertook the ambitious task of producing a fully-fledged musical during a global pandemic with its production of the 1998 version of Cabaret. To accomplish this, the Kit Kat Club performed in an entirely separate space from the main cast, excluding the Emcee and Sally. This required the integration of face masks into their costumes—an element never before included in an LC theatrical production. As the assistant costume designer, it was my task to design and construct these masks so that they could protect the actors from COVID-19, allow them to breathe and move properly, and support the aesthetic of the play. This presentation provides a behind-the-scenes look at the end result, as well as what producing theatre safely during COVID looks like.

Rwamucyo, Mucyo, & Liza Clairagneau | Of Monstrosities

An exploration of the ugly and the monstrous. I am exploring what it means to take all the bones out of one’s closet and face the self. Confronting the illusions I hold of myself, the lies I tell myself to fall asleep, the monsters I stash under the bed. This piece aims to hold a mirror to the self and truly see. With or without judgment, to see and accept the self as is. To see the self, one must be understood within their context. For there are the monsters that I am, the pain I inflict on myself/others; and the ones I am told I am by the world I inhabit. In a body that is consistently marginalized, how do I separate the ugly that I am from the ugly I was taught? When I know the monstrous in me, how do I see the humanity in it? How do I confront my monsters not as one-dimensional beings, but as reproductions of pain, from this life and others? How do I see the monster in the human and the human in the monster? How do I truly see all of them in me?

Chris Clark-Johnson | Me and My Friends

Story of Our Lives
Secret Lullaby
Beautiful Sun

Me and My Friends is a virtually collaborative album project featuring nine original songs. I will share three tunes from the project that highlight the power of tech-assisted collaboration and the increased democratization of music-making afforded by this technology.

Lizzie Gregory | Hypermasculinity: A Conversation with My Father

Ely Klem | Snow Trudge/Hummingbird Ritual

Margarete Maneker, Ashley O’Leary, Lily Schaffer & Olivia Weiss | The Nuremberg Laws: Nazi Race Laws
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This StoryMaps illustrates the independent research that the four of us have been working on this semester around the Nuremberg Laws. These were a set of laws passed by the Nazis in 1935 that severely restricted the rights of Jews and other marginalized groups within Nazi Germany. We focus primarily on the Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour, which forbade marriages between Jews and Gentiles. This law effectively sought to racialize Jews, positing them as foreign, other, and inferior. Through our work, we examine the historical and legal context of anti-Jewish sentiment in Europe and Germany prior to the establishment of the Nazi state, the effect of this law on Jewish women and girls, and the efforts by the Nazis to justify this otherization through propaganda. This StoryMap presented for FOSA is a work in progress. Our final project will go live on the Watzek library website on May 5th, 2021.

Isabel Pichler | Vocal Recital

Ally Rose | Nebula

Emily Szerdy | Vocal Recital

Fire Arts Preview