L&C Festival of Scholars and Artists

L&C Festival of Scholars and Artists

Event Schedule


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Festival Schedule

9:00 – 10:15 AM

Authoritarianism and its Discontents | Moderator: Dave Campion
Zoom Link: Room 1
  • Charlotte Powers, History | Saved by Sexism: German Lesbians Under The Third Reich
  • Alex Scioscia, Political Science | The Revolution is over, what’s next? Analyzing regime development from 2014-2020 in Ukraine with a shadow comparison to Taiwan
  • Isabel Sosa Whitelaw, Rhetoric & Media Studies | Antes de la Revolución: History, Absolution, and Fidel Castro’s Cuba
Policing Labor | Moderator: Todd Lochner
Zoom Link: Room 2
  • Sarah Lind-MacMillan, International Affairs | Overseas Filipino Workers: When Do Countries Improve Labor Rights Protections for Migrant Workers?
  • Ben Sherer, Classics | Helots and Chattels: A Comparison of Slavery in Ancient Greece
Speaking Truth to Power | Moderator: Matt Johnston
Zoom Link: Room 3
  • Ella Adkinson, Classics| Aristophanes vs Kleon: A Controversial Politician in Athenian Comedy
  • Brian Ramirez, Philosophy | An Introsepction of the Problematic Coexistence of Religion in Politics in Accordance with Rai’s, Sharma’s, Talisse’s, Eberle’s & Cuneo’s, and Callaway’s Views
  • Victoria Tompkins, History | Youth Resistance and Its Threat to the Nazi Regime
Lenses of the Anthropocene | Moderator: Liz Stanhope
Zoom Link: Room 4
  • Rover Bernhard, Biology | Why Hasn’t Bull Thistle (Cirsium vulgare) Invaded the Eurasian Steppe? Using a Species Distribution Model (SDM) to Track an Invasive Species
  • Arunima Jamwal, Anthropology | Women Working with Waer: Thresholds of Vitality and Inequality in Urban South Asia
  • Leif Jørgensen, Rhetoric & Media Studies | Escaping the Anthropocene: Space Exploration Technology and a Rhetoric of Transcendence in 21st Century Film
Poster Session A | Moderator: Norma Velazquez Ulloa
Zoom Link: Room 5
  • Malcolm Arnott & Vy Lam, Biology/BCMB | Using Bioinformatic Tools to Find and Describe Genes in the Genomes of Understudied Species
  • Jack Waite, Mathematical Science | On the Development of a Computer Program to Transpose a Music Composition to an Arbitrary Key
  • Teagan Ahlers & Avia Kaner-Roth, History | Seeking Asylum: Trans Women in El Salvador

10:30 – 11:45 AM

Political Efficacies: The Military, The Law, The Body | Moderator: Mitch Reyes
Zoom Link: Room 1
  • Eleanor Allen, International Affairs | The Militarization of Aid in Haiti Post 2010 Earthquake
  • Nallely De La Cuesta, Hispanic Studies | Feminist Theorizations In Post-Mexican Revolution Literature
  • Katie Varness, Political Science | Voter DIsenfranchisement and Political Efficacy
Repression, Repercussion, Representation | Moderator: Kim Cameron-Dominguez
Zoom Link: Room 2
  • Phoenix Bruner, English | The Persistance and Impossibility of Queer Life: Representations of Queerness in Katherine Mansfield’s “At the Bay”
  • Millie Robson, Rhetoric & Media Studies | Possessed by the Repressed: Fear and Trauma in Ari Aster’s Hereditary
  • Karen Wingard, Theater | Use of Puppets in The Secretaries: Camp, Confetti, and COVID
Unveiling the Good, the Unique, and the Valuable | Moderator: Karen Gross
Zoom Link: Room 3
  • Riley Hanna, English | “Tiny Beads of Pure Life”: Insects, Snails, and Hidden Gems in Virginia Woolf’s Short Fiction
  • Graham Ring, Music | I’ve Never Had a Friend Like Me
  • Orion Whitcher, Classics | The Evolution of Aretē in the Ancient Greek Value System
Calling Judgment to the Stand | Moderator: John Holzwarth
Zoom Link: Room 4
  • Paige Underwood, Political Science | Religion and Litigiousness in America
  • Max Usman, Psychology | Race Walks as Race Talks: The Moral Judgments of Racial Passing
Poster Session B | Moderator: Brian Dombeck
Zoom Link: Room 5
  • Salma Bashir, Biology | Sequence Determinants of Substrate Specificity in Brown Recluse Spider Venom Toxins
  • Zack Hart, Rebecca Teichman & Priyanka Tomlinson, Psychology | Anchoring Effects on Thoughtful Versus Non-Thoughtful Participants
  • Jeremiah Koshy, Economics | Malaysia and Singapore, One Country, with Two Different Economic Endpoints
  • Sofia Leonila Marks, Theatre | The Body as a Site of Reflection: Ritual in Latina Performance Art
  • Emily Szerdy, Music | Vocal Recital

Lunch Events

12:00 – 1:15

Studio Art Gallery – Q&A | Moderator: Joel Fisher
Zoom Link: Room 1
  • James Bullock | Uncovering Identity
  • Misha Davydov: Transparency: The Hierarchies of Process and Materials
  • Riquel Dixon: Emerge/Breach, Settle; Grow, and Testing, Testing…
  • Eila Gustina: Untitled
  • Zander Hill: Blissters
  • Michael Luzadder: Ode to SARS-CoV-2
  • Sophie Schwarzenbach: Untitled
  • Evelyn Shining Chen: Practicing Heritage: Examining My Personal and Cultural Identity
  • Hannah Stubee: The Living Museum of Care
  • Kamala Woods | Dinner Table Talk

12:15 – 1:15

The Nuremberg Laws – StoryMaps | History
Zoom Link: Room 2
  • Margarete Maneker, Ashley O’Leary, Lily Schaffer & Olivia Weiss
Fire Arts – Q&A
Zoom Link: Room 3
Micro Quiz Hour – Drop-in and test your knowledge! | Chemistry | Moderator: Anne Bentley
Zoom Link: Room 5
  • Morgan Bashore, Benji Bromberg, Jake Bruno, Nick Campen, Jessica Doan, JP Greener, Owen Heh, Gwyne Kattman, Malina Kobayashi, Liz Lejeune, Katie Merrill, Leland Nelson, HC Nowatka, Jocelyn Rausten, Ben Sherer & Marie Solis

1:30 – 2:45 PM

Navigating Aesthetic Spaces | Moderator: Mary Szybist
Zoom Link: Room 1
  • Kendall Arlasky, Sociology & Anthropology | After Capture: Representation, Affective Encounters, and Memory in the Contemporary Museum
  • Violet Keathley, Music | Soundscapes in the Sequential Art of Will Eisner
  • Ally Rose, Psychology | Nebula
Temporality and Escapes | Moderator: Melanie Kohnen
Zoom Link: Room 2
  • Ava Schmidt, Theatre/Rhetoric & Media Studies | The Escape is Closer Than You Think: Playing with Reality in Queer Deconstructive Performance
Facing Crises | Moderator: Diana Leonard
Zoom Link: Room 3
  • Kaylee-Anna Jayaweera, Computer Sciences/International Affairs | Utilizing Economic Activity and Data Science to Predict and Mediate Global Conflict
  • Jacob Muscarella, Political Science | Partisan Motivated Reasoning & Attitudes Toward Congress
  • Emily Szerdy, International Affairs | Italy and the Mediterranean Crisis in 2019
Multiplying Cells, Selves, and Identities
Moderator: Bruce Suttmeier | Zoom Link: Room 4
  • Kat Altaffer, Philosophy | Mukerji, Hacker, Dupré, Dennett, and Ross: Qualia, Consciousness, and a Conceptual Conundrum
  • Luan Doster, Biology | Exploring the Dynamics of Brain Development
  • Sabrina Murray, Sociology & Anthropology | Between Two Worlds: Triple Consciousness Among Transracial Adoptees
Poster Session C | Moderator: Casey Jones
Zoom Link: Room 5
  • Amber Adamski, Theatre | Life is a Masquerade: The Face Masks of Caberet
  • Keeley Alexander, Biology/BCMB | Antifungal Properties of Sicariid Spider Venom
  • Chris Clark-Johnson, Music | Me and My Friends
  • Karli Corey, Lizzy Kolb, Sonya Lee, Isa Maxwell & Grace Woods, Biology | Studying the Role of Thrombospondin, an Extracellular Marix Protein, at the Neuromuscular Junction
  • Nallely De La Cuesta, Sam Jacobs & Ethan Tolpin, History | Persecution of Political Dissidents in Venezuela

3:00 – 4:15 PM

Changing Climates, Cells, and Organelles | Moderator: Sharon Torigoe
Zoom Link: Room 1
  • Katelyn Nicholson, BCMB | Investigation of the Positioning of Lysosome Related Organelles in C. elegans
  • Sam Smith, Biology | A Study of Plant Traits and How a Tropical Rainforest’s Plant Community is Changing in the Face of Climate Change
  • Allie Traeger, BCMB | Invesigating OCT4-SOX2 DNA Binding at Functionally Weak Enhancers for Klf4
De-Familiarizing Established Narratives | Moderator: Matthieu Raillard
Zoom Link: Room 2
  • McKenna Daily, Hispanic Studies | Defamiliarization and the Reimagination of Devotion in Ana Rossetti’s Devocionario
  • Lizzie Gregory, Rhetoric & Media Studies | Parenting and Hyper Masculinity: A Conversation with My Father
  • Mattie Sienknecht, English | Mansfield’s “Greensickness”: Primitivism, Sophistication and the “Call of the Wild”
Novel Forms and Forces | Moderator: Therese Augst
Zoom Link: Room 3
  • Tobias Luongo, German Studies | ‘A drunken atmosphere of blood and roses’: Fascist Memories of the First World War in Ernst Junger’s In Stahlgewittern
  • Elias Quinn Williamson, Music | Bridging the Abyss: Forging Links Between Temporalities in the Microtonal Music of Ben Johnston
Poster Session D | Moderator: Elliott Young
Zoom Link: Room 5
  • Liza Clairagneau, Theatre/Dance | Of Monstrosities
  • Marian Hampe, History | Expert Witness Report: Honduras Asylum Case
  • Eva Hernandez, English | From The Aloe to “Prelude”: Katherine Mansfield’s Modernist Editorial Prowess
  • Jemma Montgomery, Biology/Natural History | Moths of Lewis & Clark
  • Azucena Morales Santos, Nova Platt, Tiffani Wong & Tiona Wu, Psychology | The Role of Self-Efficacy and Response-Efficacy in a Statewide Public Health Campaign to Increase Early Detection of Melanoma

Digital Showcase

View Digital Showcase here.
  • Amber Adamski, Theatre | Life is a Masquerade: The Face Masks of Cabaret
  • Liza Clairagneau, Theatre/Dance | Of Monstrosities
  • Chris Clark-Johnson, Music | Me and My Friends
  • Lizzie Gordon, Rhetoric & Media Studies | Hypermasculinity: A Conversation with My Father
  • Ely Klem, Music/Composition | Snow Trudge/Hummingbird Ritual
  • Sofía Leonila Marks, Theatre | The Body as a Site of Reflection: Ritual in Latina Perfomance Art
  • Isabel Pichler, Music | Vocal Recital
  • Ally Rose, Psychology | Nebula
  • Emily Szerdy, Music | Vocal Recital